Training unit for apprentices


Balancing ring with 2 balancing segments and
6 x M5 threaded holes for balancing screws

BDM100-1E, 1067620A,
Mechanics: = 2.158,00€

Complete with E-motor, 150 W power supply, black, 1.5m, 1 USB and
8 DC adapters 12V - 24 V up to max. 8.5 A, incl. protective cover,
Base base plate approx. 190 x 200mm

Note additional benefit:
The balancing electronics BMT150M and BMT400M (network-capable) can also be used autonomously for balancing
on any machines (e.g. grinding machines, lathe chucks, fans, electric motors, rollers, shafts, etc.).
Comparison: approx. 95% faster than balancing with a balancing scale!


Balancing electronics


Balancing electronics BMT150M, 1033434A

complete with:

  • 1pc. vibration sensor, 1013626A
  • 1pc. speed sensor 1016494A

= 2.455,00€


Balancing electronics


Balancing electronics BMT400, 1067791A

complete with

  • 2pcs. vibration sensors, 1013626A
  • 1pc. speed sensor, 1016494A

1-+ 2-Plane balancing, network-compatible
= 5.700,00€


RAPID grinding device


RAPIDGrinding device for overhung cylindrical grinding on surface grinding machines!
Immediately ready for use

4.RS03.F, 1069042A = 2.385,00€

  • Cone grinding up to 45°
  • with index dividing head 15° for polygonal surfaces.


Electronic control unit


Electronic control unit

4.SG01, 1040570A = 1.658,00€

with function keys:

  • left / right run
  • stop
  • speed potentiometer 0-300rpm

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